The Latest Interview with Charlie Sheen on the “Today” show with Matt Lauer

Charlie Sheen never ceases to amaze us with his aloof and cavalier attitude when it comes to his addiction.  This morning was no exception when he was interviewed by Matt Lauer on the “Today” show. Charlie Sheen and Matt Lauer 3/29/2012

After Sheen hit the bottle and cameras while stumbling out of a Guns N’ Roses concert recently, the media had a field day with his behavior after it was captured on TMZ.

This morning on the “Today” show Sheen gave Lauer a hard time with serious questions the reporter asked regarding his issues with addiction.

“You’re someone who’s been to rehab in the past, you’ve admitted issues with drugs. I don’t know one addiction specialist who would tell a guy in your position it’s okay to drink,” said Lauer.

Sheen passed his drinking off as a comedic topic.  His response to Lauer was, “Well if you do I should probably go to that guy.”

According to his ex Denise Richards, Charlie Sheen can sometimes “turn off” his drinking.  Anyone with knowledge of addiction and especially knowledge of Sheen’s very recent past, may think it’s ludicrous that the man still sees it as perfectly okay for him to drink.

Sheen has always made it very clear that in his mind Alcoholics Anonymous is a cult. “I don’t believe that whole piece of fiction that they insist you have an allegiance to.”

Clearly he doesn’t have an allegiance to AA, but hopefully for Sheen he will have an allegiance to something besides Jack Daniels.