Dr. Drew thinks Giuliana Rancic’s Pregnancy is Great News

With all of the magazines and tabloids out there jumping at the chance to talk about Giuliana Rancic’s pregnancy, receiving sound feedback from Dr. Drew last night was definitely refreshing.

Guiliana Rancic and husband Bill Rancic 4/24/2012

Image courtesy of poptower.com

On his television show, entitled simply DR. DREW, he started out with a short clip from the “Today” show with Giuliana and her husband Bill Rancic beaming with excitement with the news of their upcoming baby yesterday.

“The last time she was on the Today show she revealed that she had breast cancer,” said Dr. Drew. “Today of course she announced that she had much happier news.”

“We are finally having a baby. After years of trying,” said Rancic glowing with happiness yesterday on the “Today” show.

“And you’re using having a baby via a gestational carrier rather than using a surrogate,” said Ann Currie.  “Which means this baby is biologically your baby.”

“It’s our embryo and we’re using a gestational carrier to bring it to term,” said Giuliana’s husband Bill Rancic.

Dr. Drew accepted live calls on his show last night regarding Rancic’s baby news. It seemed that each caller was so concerned about Giuliana having a baby with her recent cancer scare and her work. Dr. Drew squashed all of the negativity and made it very clear that this is absolutely wonderful for Rancic.

One caller asked Dr Drew, “I was curious from you with all that Giuliana is going through with cancer, her show, and now this new surrogacy relationship, I was wondering if you thought maybe she was taking on too much too fast?”

To which the Doctor replied, “I don’t actually.  She’s obviously a hyper-achiever and she’s going to have to slow down once the baby comes.” “I suspect when the baby does come along things will slow up,” said Dr. Drew. “Children change everything and she’s been through a lot of things, but children have a way of re-focusing and re-prioritizing.”

“I just wish her the best,” said the Doctor. “I think it’s a great thing.”

“So you guys are worried about Giuliana taking on too much, said Dr. Drew after another caller had the same concerns as the first. “Listen let’s turn it around,” said the Doctor. “Thank God she’s a hyper-achiever. I’m a hyper-achiever. I’m kind of like her a little bit.”

Dr. Drew sees the upcoming baby as, “Inspiration for other people that can live with medical illness and really flourish.”