Lindsay Lohan- Nightmare to Work With For “Glee” Cast

Recently under attack from Rosie O’Donnell’s comments, Lindsay Lohan has managed to set the cast of “Glee” ablaze with anger as well.

“A source onset told E! that Lindsay has been a “total nightmare” to work with this week,” said Guilliana Rancic.

Lindsay Lohan 4/30/12

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“Lindsay turned up to the shoot at eleven a.m, said E! News Senior Correspondent Melanie Bromley. “She was three hours late. And even when she was there she was acting like she didn’t want to be there.”  “She kept disappearing and she hadn’t memorized her lines,” said Bromley.

A very telling Tweet from Dot Marie Jones cast member of “Glee,” shows her lack of enthusiasm working with Lohan.
“Gonna be a long day!! Some ppl show up late and just throw a wrench in things not cool! I’d rather be an hour early (I was) than 5 minutes late!”

“Glee” was forced to rearrange their shooting schedule and had to use a stand-in because LL was MIA for most of the day,” said Rancic.

“She spent the majority of the day in her trailer and kept going missing.” “People were constantly looking for her,” said Bromley.

Lindsay’s rep responded, “There’s no way the people couldn’t have gotten in touch with her because Lohan’s PA had a walkie talkie and was reachable all day.”

Bromley said, “The cast hates her, and while they would share a dressing room to encourage team spirit, she spent the day in her own dressing room with her entourage smoking cigarettes.”

“A highly placed source on the production team confirms that Linds was late,” said Rancic. “In fact the show had to send a car to the Chateau Marmont to retrieve her.”