Linda Hogan on Access Hollywood Live-Where was Her Boyfriend Charlie?

Linda Hogan visited Access Hollywood for an interview with her boyfriend Charlie Hill.  However, Charlie didn’t even appear on the show.

Billy Bush asked, “Why isn’t Charlie here he was supposed to come?”
Linda dodged the question with a strange answer. “I think he’s working,” she said.

Linda and Charlie 5/2/2012

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Linda did appear with “Dr. Jen” to talk about the show she and Charlie are on together.  The show incidentally is entitled VH1’s “Couples Therapy.”

American viewers were definitely entertained by a sneak peak of the show.

“Do you ever worry about Charlie not wanting you anymore?”  asked Dr. Jen in the clip.

“One of my biggest fears was that you know if he does go on his own and goes dirt biking and does his thing or whatever that he may be attracted to a younger woman someday,” replied Linda during the clip.

Linda actually has some sense, of course this boy not man, will be attracted to a younger woman. Does she expect him to stick around and change her Depends? There is a 29-year-old age difference between the two bleached blond lovers.

The couple according to Linda, is still dating and have been for almost four years. Even though Linda is 52-years-old and boyfriend Charlie is 23-years-old she still thinks that one day they may get married.

“We’re not really ready to take the plunge for marriage yet,” said Linda. We’re just kind of feeling it out. We’re having fun. We’re enjoying our lives together.”

“How old was Charlie when you first met him?” asked Bush. “He was 19 and I was 48,” said Linda.  The most disturbing part of this relationship is that the boy is the same age as her son.

Apparently the rumors of Charlie being her son’s friend are absolutely not true according to Linda. However the two boys did attend the same school.

Linda said that she met Charlie while taking a stroll on the beach with her son. “We didn’t think it would work out once I met him,” said Linda. “But he was an old soul.”

Linda dodged Kit Hoover’s question regarding what her son thinks about the relationship. Instead she just talked about herself and how depressed she was after her divorce.

Rumor has it her kids are not happy with the relationship between their mother and Charlie. Dodging the question was probably a good idea.