Johnny Depp on “Ellen” for the first time

The ever famous and clever Johnny Depp appeared on the “Ellen DeGeneres” show today for the first time. Depp had the crowd roaring, with a standing ovation.

Speaking of the boisterous crowd, Ellen joked “We took into account that there’s gonna be a lot so we accounted for the time.”

Johnny Depp 5/8/12

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“I know you’re a pretty private guy.  Pretty quite guy” said Ellen to Depp.

“Its always a little strange when you end up there out there in the world,” said Depp. “So I stay home a lot.”

“It’s a very different thing when you’re playing a character,” he said. “As a character you can do virtually anything but as yourself, you know.”

“You played some very iconic characters, and they’re always fantastical characters,” said Ellen.  “Generally in the first ten pages of the script something hits something clicks and there’s something that you feel like you can that might not have been done before,” replied Depp.

Depp came up with a character for Willy Wonka.  Former President George Bush was his inspiration for this character.  Depp said,“The idea behind Willy Wonka, I image what George Bush would be like, said Depp. “Incredibly stoned.” The crowd roared with laughter as did Ellen.

“Captain Jack Sparrow lets talk about that,” said Ellen. “I love the humor that you add.”

“I’m a real sucker for anywhere where you can find irreverence or absurdity. I’ll stick it right in there,” said Depp with an enormous smile on his face.

“I know that you’re first love is music, said Ellen.  Depp announced he’s played with famous stars like Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson.

His new movie “Dark Shadows” stars Michelle Pfeiffer , who joined Depp on the show as well looking stunning as always.

“Johnny was on your bucket list to work with,” said Ellen.

Ellen asked Pfeiffer if working with Depp lived up to her expectations. “He put everyone at ease right away,” said Pfeiffer.

“Dark Shadows” comes out in theaters Friday. Incidentally this will be the eighth movie that him and Tim Burton have collaborated on together.