Strange Interview with Courtney Love on Access Hollywood

Courtney Love showed up today on Access Hollywood Live with Kit Hoover and Billy Bush.

Courtney Love 5/9/12

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The arrival of Love was late on the show.  Love did bring her translator with her Linda Perry.

They showed them arriving casually, well Perry did.

Love had the audacity to ask Hoover “What is your name again?” to which Hoover replied, “Kit.”

Wow what disrespect to Hoover. Shouldn’t Love know what show she is on?  Maybe she should have done some homework. Starting with the names of the reporters who would be interviewing her.

“You’ve been friends for a very long time?” asked Bush.  “And partners too sometimes,” said Love. According to Love and Perry they’re domestic partners as well?

Love didn’t seem to like Bush at all telling him,”You’re looking very Hamptons.” That wasn’t supposed to be a nice comment by the way.

The reason the two women were on the show to begin with is for an event that they are planning.

“We’re doing an event,” said Perry.  “With the L.A. gay and lesbian center called an evening with women, and we do it every year and it’s to raise awareness for the women’s programs at the center.”

“I really wanted to call up Love and it’s like our fifth year,” said Perry.
Love will be performing at the event with Camp Freddy and Dave Navarro.

Perry did almost all of the talking for Love who appeared absolutely disheveled and as high as a kite.

Love is an extremely easy person to anger.  She began to anger as the answers to the reporter’s questions were basically asked of her “translator” Perry, and she seemed to get a little feisty with her friend.”I asked her one question in the car and it took like 45 minutes,” said Perry.

“I feel like a submissive little mouse,” said Love.

Bush showed an older clip of Love doing an interview which really upset Love.  Another strike for Bush with Love.

Love did in fact have some incredibly strange things to say.”I get up in the morning and chant, and when I don’t do it, I get in trouble,” said Love.

“Courtney are you dating anyone?”asked Kit.  Love didn’t want to answer that question.

Love and Perry were bickering the whole time.  What was in Love’s coffee?  They were able to actually talk with Perry whereas talking with Love was impossible.

At the end of the interview Love gave Perry the strangest hug.  Perry even looked uncomfortable.

An evening with women is on May 19th 2012.