Carrie Underwood Talks Married Life on “Ellen” Yesterday

The gorgeous and extremely talented Carrie Underwood stopped by Ellen yesterday to talk about her marriage with Mike Fisher pro-hockey star.

“We’re doing well,” said Underwood regarding her marriage.

Carrie Underwood 5/10/12

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“And you’re cooking for him?” asked Ellen.

“I mean I definitely try,” said Underwood. ” I wanna be that mom someday that’s like oh my mom makes the best fill in the blank.” “So I would love to be that so I’m working on it,” said Underwood.

Suddenly the two women heard what sounded like a fire alarm. Ellen joked with Underwood, “See when you cook you have to get used to that sound.”  Ellen and Underwood laughed hysterically.

“I was actually happy to hear that you are vegan and I’m vegan,” said Ellen.
“How is he taking that?”

“Obviously it’s one more, let’s make my life more complicated,” stated Underwood.  “But he’s alright you know and he’s actually getting better. I’ll offer him something I’m making myself and he’ll say oh sure.”

“So now you have to really be a good cook,” joked Ellen.

As Underwood’s husband pro-hockey player Fisher is away a lot Ellen gave her a jersey with her husband’s name on it to sleep with.

“I saw you on Idol last week and you were fantastic,” said Ellen. “As you always are.”

Ellen asked Underwood, “Are you watching the show this season?”

“I do, I’m a fan before and now,” said Underwood.

Ellen asked Underwood how she felt about the incredible talent this season.  “I mean I think this is the best year,” said  Underwood.

“Who do you think will win?” inquired Ellen.

“They all occupy their own space their own genre of singing,” said Underwood.

Ellen complimented Underwood on how she’s blossomed every year.
“More beautiful, you sound beautiful and I just watch you get better and better,” said Ellen.

“It’s all about being beautiful on the inside and out,” said Underwood. “If everybody goes to the Olay facebook page basically declare your mom amazing. They will donate beauty products for women that are cancer patients,”said Underwood. “Which would be a hard time for any woman to feel beautiful,” she said. “That’s so important for you to love yourself so everybody wins.”