How does Kevin Costner feel about Bobbi Kristina’s Reality TV Show?

Access Hollywood Live reporter Kristin Moran sat down for an exclusive interview with Kevin Costner to discuss long-time friend Whitney Houston and the direction daughter Bobbi Kristina is now heading with her new reality television show. Bobbi Kristina 5/22/12

“He opened up about his bodyguard co-star and friend Whitney Houston and his unforgettable eulogy,” said Access Hollywood reporter Billy Bush.

“Whitney was way too special to go so soon,” said Moran. “What do you think the take-away message is that we can give our daughters, young girls, give young people from that loss?” asked Moran.

“We all have a chance to look back on our lives,” said Costner.  “When somebody goes too quick they don’t have that chance.  But we have an opportunity at that moment to say what can we take from this.”

Speaking of the beautiful eulogy Costner gave at Houston’s funeral Moran said, “You also spoke to Bobbi Kristina and you directed some of your remarks to her.” “She’s chosen now to do a reality show. Do you think that’s a good idea?”

Surprisingly Costner said, “You know there’s no rules for how you’re gonna make it emotionally, and professionally, economically.”  “She has people around her that adore her and protect her and they’ve obviously thought it through.”

As for himself Costner stated, “You know I don’t want to open my life up like that.” “But there might be something there for her. So that’s all you can hope is that this is a good decision. Once that decision’s made you hold your breath and you want it to be a good decision.”