Christina Aguilera Dishes On Her Fellow “Voice” Coaches

Christina Aguilera 5/29/12Billy Bush and Kit Hoover of “Access Hollywood Live” sat down with X-Tina to ask some interesting and somewhat uncomfortable questions about her male counterparts of “The Voice.”

“Let’s talk about the coaches,” said Hoover. “It’s all men out there. It’s a boys club.”
“How’s it being the only female out there representing?” asked Hoover.

“Are they gentlemen all the time to you?” followed Bush. “Of course not,” laughed Christina.

“Blake’s an unexpected great buddy. I love him to death,” said Christina.  “Cee Lo is creative and interesting. Adam and I have great banter,” she joked. If you’re a fan of “The Voice” you may wonder at times if Adam and Christina even get along.

“No Adam’s great,” Christina giggled. “Sometimes we all can pick on each other but if someone else tries to pick on us it’s like hold up.”


According to Christina all of the coaches are family members in her eyes.
“It’s kind of like that brother/sister kind of family,” said Christina.

“Of all the boys who would be the best friend?” questioned Bush. “At this point I’d probably go to Blake,” said Christina.

Hoover asked, “ Who of the judges would be the best boyfriend?”
“No,” said Christina with a look of disgust. “That’s like a brother or something, now we’re getting into a weird incestual conversation.”

“Let’s get weirder who would be the best lover,” said Bush.
“Lover!” screamed Christina. “Maybe Cee Lo he’s a little creative.”

Of course “The Voice” fans know of two attributes that X-Tina doesn’t mind showing off at at all, both of which definitely stand out amongst the boys.

“You have something they don’t have,” joked Hoover. “You have two things they don’t have.”

“They’re the fifth judge,” joked Christina. “I’m a performer, I’m an entertainer, I’m an artist. The girls are a part of who I am.”

Of course Bush started clapping, “Let’s give it up for the girls.”  All three clapped along with Bush.