Oprah Interviews Paris Jackson

Last week the story was about Christina Aguilera discussing her role on The Voice, but this week we’ll change things up and discuss the latest Oprah interview with Paris Jackson.

Three years ago with the passing of her father Michael Jackson, who can ever forget a tearful Paris only 11-years-old at the time, breaking down in tears at her father’s memorial service.Paris Jackson 6/11/2012

Paris cried, “Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. And I just want to say I love him so much.” The world watched the young girl in heartbreak as she leaned on her aunts and uncles.

Now 14-years-old, Paris has grown up to be a remarkable young teenager. Her stunning blue eyes and gorgeous face has just made her one of People Magazine’s most beautiful people.

Paris recently signed on to act in her first movie role, following in Michael’s footsteps as a performer.

The young teen lives with her grandmother Catherine Jackson. The family  moved out of Havenhurst to settle in a sunny mansion in the hills of California.

Oprah asked Paris, “Do you like it better than Havenhurst?”

“No,” said Paris. “Havenhurst is more at home.”  The same home incidentally that Michael Jackson grew up in as a child. Ultimately his children went to stay there after their father’s untimely death.

Paris appeared to be a very typical 14-year-old.  Still seemingly a tad shy and possibly a bit unsure of herself as everyone is at that age, the very sweet Paris talked of bullying at her school.

Enrolled in private school Paris said, “It’s more normal. It’s more fun. I mean the social life has gotten better.” She added, “There’s drama but I try to stay away from that.”

According to Paris the drama that she encounters in eighth grade is the other young girls.

“Have people tried to bully you? said Oprah.

“People have tried but it doesn’t always work,” said Paris. “At school and some people try to cyber-bully me.”

“They try to get to me with words but that doesn’t really work,” said Paris with a sly and confident smile on her face.

Oprah was very surprised and said, “I would think everybody wanted to be your friend.”

“A lot of people don’t like me,” said Paris.  “Do you think they’re jealous?” asked Oprah. “Maybe, I don’t know,” said the blue-eyed beauty. Having found her new-found fame as well as a promising movie career it may be safe to say that jealousy comes with the territory.

Grandma Catherine was a bit worried about what Michael would think or want for her granddaughter when Paris asked if she could go the showbiz route. According to Catherine, “She kept begging and she kept saying please grandma so this is what she’s going to do.”

Even at a young age, an old family video of Paris from 2002 showed her telling her dad Michael she wanted to do what he did.

Paris also said she’s dreamed of acting sense she was a little girl.  Her dreams are coming true. This year she landed the staring role in “Lundon’s Bridge” which is based on a young adult fantasy novel.

“I think it’s always been my passion and I just love it,” beamed Paris.  “You can be like a totally different person. You can take on another character I think that’s so awesome.”

“Do you still have to have security every where you go?” asked Oprah.  “Unfortunately yes,” said Paris.

Michael Jackson tried to shield the children’s identity from the paparazzi while he was alive. When they were young he would cover their faces with masks and scarves. Paris shed light on this for the first time.

“Do you remember when you were little and your face would be covered?” asked Oprah.

“I understand it now,” said Paris. “When we would go out without him we wouldn’t be recognized.” In other words, the children could go anywhere without their father and no one was aware that they were his children. This made it easier for them to have a  normal childhood and be involved in activities without being hassled.

“He told us when he was younger that he didn’t really have a childhood,” said Paris. He wanted that for his children.

“Are you able to listen to his music?” said Oprah. Paris said that she dances when she hears his music. She shy’s away from sad songs of Michael’s at times. The song “You are Not Alone” is hard for her to listen to. “It makes me cry,” said Paris.

The very beautiful and loving young girl, Paris Jackson, seems to be following in her father’s footsteps.  Her future looks bright as she continues to carry on Michael’s legacy.