Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood Talks Married Life on “Ellen” Yesterday

The gorgeous and extremely talented Carrie Underwood stopped by Ellen yesterday to talk about her marriage with Mike Fisher pro-hockey star.

“We’re doing well,” said Underwood regarding her marriage.

Carrie Underwood 5/10/12

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“And you’re cooking for him?” asked Ellen.

“I mean I definitely try,” said Underwood. ” I wanna be that mom someday that’s like oh my mom makes the best fill in the blank.” “So I would love to be that so I’m working on it,” said Underwood.

Suddenly the two women heard what sounded like a fire alarm. Ellen joked with Underwood, “See when you cook you have to get used to that sound.”  Ellen and Underwood laughed hysterically.

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