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Oprah Interviews Paris Jackson

Last week the story was about Christina Aguilera discussing her role on The Voice, but this week we’ll change things up and discuss the latest Oprah interview with Paris Jackson.

Three years ago with the passing of her father Michael Jackson, who can ever forget a tearful Paris only 11-years-old at the time, breaking down in tears at her father’s memorial service.Paris Jackson 6/11/2012

Paris cried, “Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. And I just want to say I love him so much.” The world watched the young girl in heartbreak as she leaned on her aunts and uncles.

Now 14-years-old, Paris has grown up to be a remarkable young teenager. Her stunning blue eyes and gorgeous… Continue reading

How does Kevin Costner feel about Bobbi Kristina’s Reality TV Show?

Access Hollywood Live reporter Kristin Moran sat down for an exclusive interview with Kevin Costner to discuss long-time friend Whitney Houston and the direction daughter Bobbi Kristina is now heading with her new reality television show. Bobbi Kristina 5/22/12

“He opened up about his bodyguard co-star and friend Whitney Houston and his unforgettable eulogy,” said Access Hollywood reporter Billy Bush.

“Whitney was way too special to go so soon,” said Moran. “What do you think the take-away message is that we can give our daughters, young girls, give young people from that loss?” asked Moran.

“We all have a chance to look back on our lives,” said Costner.  “When somebody goes too quick they don’t have that chance.  But we have… Continue reading

Interview with Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz

J-Lo and Cameron Diaz sat down with “Ellen” yesterday to discuss their new movie “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”Jennifer Lopez

“Did you know each other before?” said Ellen.

“We’ve met many times but we didn’t work together on this movie,” said Lopez. “Everybody had their own specific stories.”

“Both of you I know get along,” said Ellen. “Someone told me this morning that there’s all these rumors that you didn’t get along.” Cameron Diaz

Diaz said that she doesn’t read or look at the print media. “I try not to actually,” said Diaz. “Knowing it’s complete lies that they made up on this movie that we wouldn’t talk to each other and there was all of these cat fights.”

“It’s always like… Continue reading

Kate Beckinsale shows her humorous side on “Ellen”

The beautiful long-haired brunette Kate Beckinsale appeared on “Ellen” today showing her humorous side. She wasn’t allowed to dance on “Ellen” today.Kate Beckinsale 5/14/12

When she came out onto the stage Ellen asked Beckinsale why she didn’t dance or move quicker.

Beckinsale’s daughter won’t allow her to dance said the bright-eyed beauty. Lily, her daughter, just had her 13th birthday party and her mom (Beckinsale) was grinding and dancing with one of her own friends.

“You were grinding at your daughter’s birthday party?” laughed Ellen.

“That’s just what happens. When I feel it. I feel it,” smiled Beckinsale.

Her daughter Lilly has been in the U.S. for nine years however she
still has Beckinsale’s accent.  “So I must talk a lot,”… Continue reading

Carrie Underwood Talks Married Life on “Ellen” Yesterday

The gorgeous and extremely talented Carrie Underwood stopped by Ellen yesterday to talk about her marriage with Mike Fisher pro-hockey star.

“We’re doing well,” said Underwood regarding her marriage.

Carrie Underwood 5/10/12

Image courtesy of poptower.com

“And you’re cooking for him?” asked Ellen.

“I mean I definitely try,” said Underwood. ” I wanna be that mom someday that’s like oh my mom makes the best fill in the blank.” “So I would love to be that so I’m working on it,” said Underwood.

Suddenly the two women heard what sounded like a fire alarm. Ellen joked with Underwood, “See when you cook you have to get used to that sound.”  Ellen and Underwood laughed hysterically.

“I was actually happy to hear that… Continue reading