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James Van Der Beek-Will There Be a “Dawson’s Creek” Reunion?

James Van Der Beek appeared on Live! with Kelly this morning to promote his new show “Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23.”

 James Van Der Beek 4/25/2012

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Of course, Kelly had to ask about the rumors that baby-faced Van Der Beek and the cast of the old show “Dawson’s Creek” may be having a reunion.  It’s hard not to notice that the young man still looks exactly like the character he played on the show “Dawson Leery.”
“Tell us now James,” said Kelly. “Will there be a Dawson’s Creek reunion?”  Kelly told him, “That’s the number one question we get asked on Twitter.”

“I feel like it’s the number one question we all get asked. Nobody’s producing it.… Continue reading

Nicole Richie Promotes TV Series “Fashion Star”

Nicole Richie appeared on “Ellen” today to promote her new television series “Fashion Star.”

The tiny blond appeared in black leggings and a hot pink overcoat looking stylishly ready for her interview.

Nicole Richie 4/20/2012

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Daughter of the famous singer Lionel Richie, Ellen asked the young star about her father.
“Your dad was here and his album just hit number one,” said Ellen.

“His last number one was in 1986 and I was five,” said Richie. Very recently Lionel Richie had a special on CBS including many country stars singing along to his iconic music.

Now that the beautiful young woman is thirty, she can appreciate her father’s talent. “I was just in Vegas with him when he did… Continue reading

Zac Efron Promotes His New Film “The Lucky One”

It was absolute pandemonium as girls went wild heating up the studio on “Live with Kelly” this morning.  One of Hollywood’s hottest stars Zac Efron had women of all ages in tears as he appeared on stage.

Zac Efron 4/19/2012

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“It’s very interesting that when girls get very uber-happy they break down crying,” laughed Kelly.  “Have you noticed that?”

“I see it from time to time. It’s a good cry. It makes me happy,” said Efron.

“It’s so inappropriate and weird and I apologize,” said Kelly. “But I have to show you on the cover on Men’s Health Magazine you do have incredible rippling muscles.”

Efron explained in his new movie “The Lucky One” he had to… Continue reading

Jaleel White Sent Back to Court Due to Tabloid Rumors

Has being on the show “Dancing with the Stars” done more harm than good for actor Jaleel White?

Jaleel White 4/19/2012

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White sat down with fellow alum from “Dancing with the Stars” Sherry Shepherd and the women of “The View” to talk about the rumors that having been spreading like wildfire in the tabloids about him.

“I know it gets intense in the training sessions. It was some drama on the dance floors that landed you in some hot water,” said Shepherd. “Rumors that you were fighting with your dance partner Kim Johnson,” she said.

Shepherd wanted to give the young man a chance to respond to the allegations. “Is this true what happened?” said Shepherd.

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Law and Order SVU Star Mariska Hargitay

Emmy Award winning star of Law and Order SVU, actress Mariska Hargitay stopped by “Ellen” today.

Mariska 4/18/2012

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Appearing as stunning as ever in a beautiful brown dress draped over her bronzed skin, the beautiful actress received a standing ovation from the audience.

“Has it really been 13 years since you’ve been on that show?” said Ellen.

“It’s so crazy but I’m so happy and still having fun,”  said Hargitay.

The question that Law and Order SVU fans want to know is where exactly do they come up with their story ideas?

“It’s a combination,” said Hargitay.  “Sometimes it’s ripped from the headlines. This year we sort of did stories before they came out of the… Continue reading