It seems like her husband is an extremely good sport.

Kate Beckinsale shows her humorous side on “Ellen”

The beautiful long-haired brunette Kate Beckinsale appeared on “Ellen” today showing her humorous side. She wasn’t allowed to dance on “Ellen” today.Kate Beckinsale 5/14/12

When she came out onto the stage Ellen asked Beckinsale why she didn’t dance or move quicker.

Beckinsale’s daughter won’t allow her to dance said the bright-eyed beauty. Lily, her daughter, just had her 13th birthday party and her mom (Beckinsale) was grinding and dancing with one of her own friends.

“You were grinding at your daughter’s birthday party?” laughed Ellen.

“That’s just what happens. When I feel it. I feel it,” smiled Beckinsale.

Her daughter Lilly has been in the U.S. for nine years however she
still has Beckinsale’s accent.  “So I must talk a lot,”… Continue reading